I love this film. I know, that’s a lousy starter for a film review. But really, I adore it.


Day for night, is ultimately a homage to the struggles of film-making- physical, emotional, material- that goes behind the scenes. In short, it’s a film about making a film. Vanguard director of the French New Wave cinema, Francois Truffaut’s one of the best, the movie has been hailed as sweet and sour reflection on the process of movie-making, which is not devoid of the same complexities that human life itself features- love, sex, the woman problem,  and death. But it also shows the dizzying array of travails that a film has to go through before being born. Actors’ personal tragedies, time shortage, budget cuts, and unforeseen death- Day for Night accomplishes in reflecting upon most of them. And delightfully, for us, all of it happens with a comic tone, a rather intelligent one as could be expected from a Master film-maker.

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